Obituaries, Births, and Marriage Notices

The Lebanon Historical Society has an extensive collection of obituaries pertaining to Lebanon residents clipped from local newspapers, especially the Granite State Free Press and the Valley News. These clippings are pasted onto large index cards or paper slips and filed alphabetically. Included in this file are clippings of birth and marriage announcements. Some slips contain handwritten genealogical charts that summarize the wives, children, and parents of particular individuals.

Access to the obituary files is open ONLY to members of the Lebanon Historical Society. Members may contact the curator to arrange a time to consult the files, or requests may be made directly to the curator and he can check the files and make photocopies of relevant slips and cards. Inquiries from out of state can be researched and copies can be ordered, provided the inquiry comes from a member of the Lebanon Historical Society. Besides membership fees, the cost for copies is $.25 per page with two or three slips per page plus postage. The curator can check to see how extensive the material is in the files and give an estimate of cost. To enquire about obituaries send an e-mail to

The Lebanon Public Library has an obituary index which includes obituaries that have appeared in the Valley News from July 1997 through the present day.

The Valley News obituary pages are available on microfilm at the Lebanon Public Library. Please contact the library if you have any questions.

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