A small steamer came up the Connecticut as far as Wells River, Vt., in 1830. Following this event several steamers were built in this vicinity, but this method of river travel proved impractical because of low bridges, sandbars and seasonal changes in the river.


Lebanon Academy was built on Academy (School) Street in 1835, with funds from private donations and by subscriptions from the townspeople. Lebanon High School, built behind the Academy in 1877, graduated its first class in 1882 ˘ a class of one student. (F-8)


The town voted $4500 to purchase a farm for the support of the poor, a superintendent was appointed, and stock and farming tools were provided. “The Poor Farm” on the Meriden Road burned in 1864, and in 1867 the County Farm in Haverhill was built. (K-12)

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