Businesses in Lebanon in 1820 included: farming, 6 sawmills, 2 tanneries, linseed oil mill, cotton and woolen factories, hat factory, clothiers, 4 blacksmiths, saddler, tailor, builders, 6 taverns, 5 merchants, 3 doctors, 3 lawyers. Population 1710.


The first organized fire department was formed and fire wards elected. Armed with their official 5-foot staffs with sharp brass points, the fire wards “vigorously exerted themselves” commandeering and supervising fire fighters and preventing looting.


The First Congregational Church was the first church built in town. Previously, the Meeting House was the place of worship for five separate religious groups. Designed by Lebanon architect, Ammi Young, the 1828 church still stands at the corner of the park. (F-8)


The town’s first bank, The Bank of Lebanon, was located on the corner of Bank Street where the library now stands. It was organized in 1829, in an era when the only security was in individual enterprise, foresight and thrift. (F-8)

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